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Locomotive L-3, GE 80 Ton

Wednesday March 14, 2006. the GE 80-Ton locomotive arrived at the Museum here in Boulder City on a “lowboy” trailer. While it looks as though it is traveling on its own power, it is actually just rolling off of the trailer, restrained by a winch.

At the Nevada Test Site in the 1960’s, the locomotive was used to haul nuclear powered rocket engines. When the program became dormant, the locomotive was “mothballed”.

During the summer of 2006, it received recommissioning maintenance such as brake certification, battery replacement, some replacement of belts and hoses that have been sitting for many years, and overall inspection.

At the Atomic Testing Museum (on Flamingo), there is a model layout of the “Jackass and Western” Railroad. It was just a few spurs leading from the assembly building.

The short spurs of operation and short program duration both contributed to the mere 8 miles of operation accumulated after the locomotive was modified for use at the Nevada Test Site.