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Locomotive 1000, Type NW2

Locomotive Number 1000 was designed by Richard Dillworth and was built by the Electro-Motive Company in 1939. It is a type NW2, and was the demonstrator for this new class of yard switching locomotive. The 1,000 horsepower NW2 demonstrator, originally numbered 889, arrived at UP property in Omaha for a six-month demonstration period. UP found the NW2 to be satisfactory and purchased it, renumbering it to UP 1000. Over the next two years, UP took delivery of an additional 44 type NW2 locomotives before WWII restrictions required the cancellation of pending orders for more units.

EMC NW-2 UP #1000 was sold by UP to ST&E as their #1000. It was traded to Western Pacific in 1968 for an ALCO Switcher. W.P. numbered it 607. It was sold to Sacramento Northern in 1973 as their #607. S.N. was owned by W. P. S.N. #607 spent most of her later years off home rails, working in the W.P.’s Stockton Yard in company of W.P.’s SW-9 Switchers (similar in appearance, but more horsepower). Sacramento Northern and it’s corporate parent, W.P., were absorbed into U.P. and # 607 was donated by U.P. to the Deer Creek Scenic Ry. (Heber Creeper), in Heber City, UT. It was later sold to the Nevada State Railroad Museum as UP 1000. While with the S.N. #607/1000 was painted in WP Perlman Green. It is now painted Nevada State Railroad Museum blue.

The NW2 model features a 1000 hp V-12 567-A engine — 888 such locomotives were built by 1950. Later models of the locomotive such as the 1200 horsepower SW7 have a similar appearance, differing only in details such as window shape and door louvers.

EMC NW2 Switcher #889 Specifications (as-built):
Builder: EMC, the Electro-Motive Company, General Motors, LaGrange, IL
Engine model: 12V-567A
Date built: Oct. 1939
Type: 2-stroke diesel
Aspiration: Roots blower
Horsepower: 1000
Cylinders: 12 (Vee)
Top speed: 60 mph
Bore x Stroke: 8.5 x 10″
Weight: 248,120 lbs.
Displacement: 6804 c.i. (567 per cylinder)
Tractive effort: 62,030 lbs.
Idle speed: 300 rpm
Length: 44′ 5″
Max. speed: 800 rpm
Brake system: 14EL