COMING SOON: Shortly we will be able to take donations on line! Donations, Members and Volunteers are essential for the Nevada State Railway Museum and the Southern Nevada Railway to operate. We are grateful to the Friends of Nevada Southern Railway and their volunteers, as well as all of you - the riders, visitors and public who support us.


Volunteers are always needed at the Nevada Southern Railway and provide a variety of functions, from repairs and maintenance, as well as youth programs, restoration, and most importantly, give riders of the railway an authentic historic train ride experience. For further information regarding volunteering, contact You may also bring in your application form, after printing it out HERE.

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Buy A Brick

Our ‘Buy a Brick’ program permits you to demonstrate your support of the Nevada State Railroad Museum in a permanent, sustainable memorial. Bricks will be placed in a heavily trafficked public area of the Museum.

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Nevada State Railroad Museum Expansion

The Nevada State Railroad Museum has a planned expansion of the museum that includes a Visitor Center and Linear Park that will enhance and deliver a new experience to visitors.

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