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Riding the Trains

As we move forward from the COVID19 pandemic, we still need to remember the following, when riding the trains:

  1. We all must wear a mask while on the platform under TSA rules;
  2. please maintain social distancing;
  3. bottled water only on the train;
  4. no strollers on the train, baby carriers are okay;
  5. you may purchase tickets for the departures of the day you are at the museum, no pre-sales for future dates;
  6. since summer has arrived, please keep you and your family well hydrated;
  7. please arrive 15-20 minutes early to park, buy your tickets, and make a few discoveries around the museum;
  8. pets are allowed on the train, leashed please, so do not leave them in your vehicle;
  9. caboose rides are available ($20/adult), no engine cab rides;
  10. please be courteous and safe while around the trains.