Museum and Equipment

The Nevada State Railroad Museum at Boulder City is a part of the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs. There are currently no indoor interpretive, exhibit or display facilities at this location.

Here at the Museum, the maintenance facility was built in 1996 and the passenger platform was built in 2000. Equipment has been acquired by the State both through purchase and donation. The refurbishment of the locomotives and cars has been funded primarily by the State, with some private donations, and lots of volunteer labor.


Operational Locomotives:
There are four operational diesel locomotives at the Nevada Southern Railway.

Display Only Locomotives:
There are three locomotives in the Museum collection that will be used for display only. The steam locomotives were not operational when acquired. Due to the great expense of restoring and certifying them, the plan is to cosmetically refurbish the steam locomotives and have them on static display.

Non-Operational Equipment:
The remainder of the equipment at the Museum is non-operational. Some of it may be cosmetically refurbished for static display, but will not become part of the excursion consist.

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Operational Locomotives

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Display Only Locomotives

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Operational Consist

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