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Locomotive 844, Type GP-30

Locomotive Number 844, a type GP-30, was built in 1963 by the ElectroMotive Division of General Motors, and ran on the Union Pacific.

It was donated to the Museum, and refurbished in Union Pacific colors. It weighs approximately 125 tons, and has a turbocharged V16 engine that develops 2250 horsepower.

Model: GP30
Builder: EMD, the Electro-Motive Division,
General Motors, LaGrange, IL
Locomotive type: 0440
Horsepower: 2250 HP
Diesel Engine:
Model 16V-567D3
Type: Turbocharged
Cylinders: 16
Bore x Stroke 8.5″ x 10″
Full Speed 835 RPM
Idle Speed 310 RPM
Start Speed 75-100 RPM
Main Generator:
Model D22
Nominal Voltage (DC) 600V
Number of Poles 12
Model D14
Type 3 Phase
Nominal Voltage (AC) 180
Number of Poles 16
Frequency (at 835 RPM) 112 cps
Auxiliary Generator:
Rating 10KW
Voltage (DC) 74V
Traction Motors:
Model D57
Number 4
Type Series wound
Tractive effort 63,375 lbs.

Driving Wheels:
Number 4 pair
Diameter 40″
Max. Speed 71 mph
Air Compressor:
Model WBO
Type 2 stage
Cylinders 3
Capacity (@ 835 rpm) 235 cfm
Cooling: Water
Air reservoir 212 gal.
Lube oil 12 gal.
Air brakes: 26L
Storage Battery:
Number of Cells 32
Voltage 64V
Rating (8 hour) 420 Ampere-hours
Lube oil 243 gal.
Cooling water 251 gal.
Fuel 1,700 gal.
Sand 18 cu. ft.
Locomotive Weight: 253,500 lbs.
Overall dimensions:
Length (between coupler faces) 56′ 2″
Width 10′ 4″
Height (top of rail to top of horn) 15′ 11