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Safety around the Trains

Safety at the Railroad Museum

We certainly appreciate all of our 55,000+ visitors that come out to the museum to see the trains and learn more about trains and railroading.  We do request that you, the visitor enjoy your trip, but please be aware of your safety, as we are, please heed the following:

  • Please do not walk on the steel railroad rails – these can be slippery with oils or grease and may cause slips and falls;
  • Please do not place coins on the steel rails to squash them as they can fly out from between the rail and the steel wheels of the locomotives;
  • When crossing the tracks from the parking lot to the platform, please look both directions before crossing, and go directly across, and do not linger in the roadbed between the rails;
  • Please do not stand between the white line and the tracks along with the platform, it is easy to trip and fall onto the rails or railroad bed;
  • If you would like a photo on or around the locomotive at the departure platform, please ask one of our docents where a safe and photogenic place to stand might be for you and your party;
  • Please do not climb on any of the static display equipment; most railroad equipment is designed for trained staff to climb and work on and not especially safe for children or other visitors;
  • Please do not go out in the railroad yard area without a guide or supervision as there are hazards around, plus you might not hear a piece of rail equipment that is rolling free from the engine or even the engine.

Your safety is our primary concern.  We want you to enjoy your railroad museum experience safely and return many times.  Please follow the directions of the museum staff so as to make your visit and that of the other passengers as safe and rewarding as possible.