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General Safety Guidelines

At the Nevada Southern Railway we strive to provide our visitors with a fun and active experience while at the museum. We do not want to clutter the trains and the platform with numerous signs that would detract from the historical nature of the facility. We provide the following guidelines for our visitors and members so you may help us in demonstrating good behavior:

  1. Do not walk on the tracks – the rails are very shiny and extremely slick – we do not want you or your children to trip and fall;
  2. No food or beverages on the train, except for water;
  3. Please do not climb on any of the equipment unless accompanied by one of our guide/docents;
  4. Please stay behind the white line on the platform by the trains;
  5. Refrain from walking in the gravel area behind the platform;
  6. Please, no running on the train platform or while riding in the cars;
  7. Please follow the guidance of the guides/docents, and badged employees;
  8. No smoking anywhere on the platform;
  9. Please keep your children, and husbands under control while on the platform, around the trains, and the displayed equipment;
  10. Guide dogs are permitted on the trains, they must be on a leash;
  11. Photography is permitted on the trains and platform, you may also find other film crews around the museum; if you do not want to be in the photographs, please quietly walk away;
  12. Remember, the museum area is quite crowded during arrivals and departures, be courteous to other guests, your grandmother is watching you!

Thank you for your cooperation, we will all enjoy a better experience if we give a little common courtesy to others, and respect the museum equipment and displays.