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The West Coast Railroaders Group Speeders

Beware Speeders!

Yes, the Speeders are back, but not the ones on the highways. The West Coast Railroaders Group (WCRG) will return on October 24th and 25th for more fun runs. From the one and two seat versions to the larger ones like our Fairmont section crew unit, these are the way to travel on rails. Not with the comfort of home, but one unit does pull a truly portable outhouse – do they use it while traveling?

These speeder enthusiasts have fun riding up and down the rails of the west coast of our country. It’s a no frills ride, but always fun. Sorry, no guests can ride, just the speeder owners. This group also provides speeders for railroads around the west for fire patrol and other inspections. The WCRG visits excursion railroads for fun runs and to raise funds for worthy organizations.

Please come to the museum to watch and photograph the WCRG and their speeders. There are a number of good places to take photos of the speeders, ask the museum staff for recommendations for easy spots for photos. If you follow them along the highway please pull off the highway as far as possible and return safely.


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