Engineer for an Hour

The "Engineer for an Hour" program allows you to get operating instruction from one of our FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) licensed engineers.  After preliminary safety instructions, you will be at the controls of one of our four diesel locomotives.  Operation will be along our main line which has approximately 4 miles of track, running from our station at Boulder City to just east of where I-93/95 is paved over our tracks..  The crew will consist of yourself as student engineer, an engineer, and a brakeman. 

Photo by Don Kyle

For only $250.00 you will have the opportunity to experience running a diesel-electric locomotive along the
historic tracks of the Boulder Branch Line, which were used during the construction of the Hoover Dam in the 1930's.
You will be accompanied and instructed by one of our Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)  certified locomotive engineers.

Call us for your “Engineer for an Hour” experience and choose one of the following locomotives:

GE 80-Ton Diesel-Electric Locomotive #L-3

EMC NW-2 #1000

Fairbanks Morse #1855

EMD GP-30 #844

· We highly recommend making reservations at least two weeks in advance.
· Reservations are available Wednesday through Friday only.
· One guest is allowed to accompany you in the cab.
· The engineer for an hour and guest must at least 18 years old.
· Specific locomotive requests will be accommodated when possible, although substitutions may be necessary.
· A certificate, suitable for framing, is awarded at the end of your session.

Please call 702-486-5006 or 702-486-5952 for your reservation.


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